• Nigerians should put their Hopes in God-Cleric

    Hope 3Nigerian have been called upon to put their hopes in God in these perilous times.
    This  call was made by a Christian Cleric, Pastor Opyemi Ajayi in a chat with Poverty Line.
    ''In these torubled times, Nigerians  should put their hopes and trust in God for divine intervetnion. The restorer of hope is God. When all is not going well palce your hopes on God,'' Pastor Ajayi counseled.

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  • Hope

    Prof 3Hope is captured in the Scripture as a state that can only be realized through walking the talk of one's chosen faith, but only in an environment of love.
    It, therefore, has a close relationship with one's destiny as a goal of human struggle for survival which can only be realized in part because of the frictions of life against which the energy for the struggle vectorially moves through a relative velocity for one's destiny to be terminated into a destination.
    This is why some scholars see hope as a desire accompanied by an expectation of fulfillment. Hope can be viewed through the perspective of self as an individual and we as a community or nation.
    Hope realization, therefore, is best driven through a self resolution to meet up with all conditions for him or her to be able to blaze the trail.
    This equally subject to the favorable conditions of the 8 pointers of wellness.
    Troubled souls are usually faced with frustrations which if not well controlled may lead to a suicidal note for premature termination of hope, age, and the ultimate, a life of fulfillment. Emotional disturbance is another psychological factor that must be controlled otherwise building of hope would be dashed.
    Finances and physiological needs determine one's access to a better active life upon which hope can be realized when one falls short of this grace, the hope may not materialize in one's desired goal, cutting short one's destiny into a fatal destination.

    Hope 2
    Lazy people, therefore, will suffer from dashed hopes, most especially when such a person lacks goodwill and a positive disposition towards others.
    Hardworking people who follow due process in realizing their hopes and aspirations may take some much time to be appreciated in an environment where double-dealing and other forms of illegalities are the order of the day through devilish connections.
    The hopes of any nation and community, therefore, lie in the ability of their leaders to keep a nation or community without fraud in an environment of zero tolerance to corruption and institutional indiscipline. However, the virtues can only be realized when leaders are visionary with the determination to live by a sense of patriotism for a bequeathable legacy.
    It takes two to tango-the government and the people. If leaders are transparent and accountable, they would become dependable and people will overwhelmingly shower such leaders with their trust, sense of patriotism, and unimaginable sense of endurance.

    When there is an economic downward effect on such a nation, people will naturally persevere through the troubled times and keep their hopes alive that there would be a better tomorrow based on their leaders' efforts and assurances.
    Hope, therefore, is a natural in-built characteristic into every mortal which he or she experiences every day based on the events of the time, most especially in his or her growing period, trying period, and when under the fear of not missing the state of equilibrium in wealth and affluence.
    People should, therefore, not lose hope, but make self-adjustment towards having a good disposition, high spirit to supplement the missing pointers in the state of his or her wellness.