Freedom of Thought

  • The Right to Freedom of Thought Conscience and Religion by Prof. Sabitu Olagoke

    Prof 3Thought is a process of the dynamics of the mind, in establishing ideas or opinions through the thinking flame that in most cases result in actions.
    It could be regarded as cognitive processes energizing sensory stimulation and it can happen independently to every individual, in the areas of judgment, deliberation, reasoning, concept dynamics, and problem-solving.Conscience
    When the result is positive, it favors social and interpersonal relationships.
    And when it is negative it may hurt the feelings of others or damage to a destructive level. This is why it becomes an issue of the right to freedom.               

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    Generally, therefore, our educational orientation must be directed towards a positive mindset for a right to freedom of thought to be beneficial to all.
    In the same manner, every individual ought to be entitled to the freedom of conscience.
    In religious parlance, we believe that the almighty God dominates to correct the system of man preventing or minimizing wrongdoings and maximizing the moral sense of right.
    It becomes an issue before God and man when one becomes an adolescent starting from the age of puberty. This is a period when one is accountable for any of his deeds.                         

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    Conscience is very important to every human and society as a whole.  Any individual with the right conscience will never indulge in dastardly acts, hence the right of every individual to the free to conscience must be worked on through the correct educational programs. The right to the freedom of religion is equally very important if we are able to view religion from the perspective of the socio-spiritual inspirational school, where faith in a particular belief is considered to be built on the rock of a positive mindset of self-relevance, confidence, self-esteem and a positive mental attitude. This will make an individual be permanently aligned with his creator.                       

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    Religion emphasizes the necessity for society to build values such as love, respect, harmony, and empathy.
    The right to freedom of religion, therefore, becomes an issue, where it could not be effectively regulated and controlled into the right and beneficial practices.
    There is, therefore, the dire need to challenge religious leaders to role model the right practices of religion to enjoy the cover of protection under the fundamental human rights charter.
    Generally, therefore, every individual ought to be entitled to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion, provided all-controlling leaders are able to role model the virtues of life.

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