Dr. Yemi Farounbi

  • Nigeria needs a Selfless President-Dr. Farounbi

    A former ambassador to the Philippines, Dr.Yemi Farounbi has declared that Nigeria urgently needs a President that is conversant with the needs and expectations of Nigerians.

    Dr. Farounbi made this declaration on Wednesday at an even tagged 2022 Mega International Summit in Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''A leader ought to prepare his country for the challenges ahead. The leader must be creative and visionary and must have his legs on ground. But when your leader travels by helicopter or aeroplane, he does not know hunger, he does not know poverty because his feet is not on ground, he does not also know the fate of the poor.'' ''What kind of President do we need in 2023? What re the problems the President must solve? We need a well educated and rounded person, it is not whether it is my turn or your turn, it is not whether it has been my life time ambition. Can you solve the problem of electricity? Can you solve the problem of education? Can you change the mentality of the education administrators? Do you have intellectual resilience? It is not whether I have been competing since 1992; it is not every leader that is good at implementation, competence is very important. He called for the restoration of family values, while lamenting that,''family values in Nigeria have broken down, we need spiritual regeneration and the restoration of family values.''