Dr. Tanimowo Pelumi

  • Learn a Vocation-C.E.O Tanimowo Foundation to Young Nigerians

    Omk4391The socio-political and economic situation in Nigeria has brought several lessons to the fore in governance. Young Nigerians have now taken to crime to make ends meet.  In this interview, the Chief Executive Officer(C.E.O) of Tanimowo Foundation, Dr. Tanimowo Pelumi advises young Nigerians to learn a vocation alongside education. 


    What prompted you to establish the foundation?

    I was brought up in a very difficult environment, it was not easy, so when I was growing up, the surrounding hardships inspired me to establish the foundation. There was nobody to help.

    I started off by organizing seminars in my community. Later on, I forayed into real estate. This is the profession that gave me funds.

    What is your foundation about?

    It is all about agriculture. We empower people. We give out free chickens and fish.

    My aim is to eradicate poverty in society, especially Nigeria. My foundation has empowered people in so many towns and cities in the South West geopolitical zone. We have impacted positively on several lives.

    Do you have any advice for young Nigerians?

    My advice to young people, even if you are going to be educated, try as much as possible to learn a vocation, so that it will give you a source of livelihood. God bless Nigeria.