Dr. Raymond Adegboyega

  • Nigeria Lacks Responsive and Reponsible Govt-Oyo NRM Gov. Candidate

    Fuel 3The Gubernatorial candidate of the National Rescue Movement(NRM)in Oyo state, Dr. Raymond Adegboyega has declared that the lingering fuel scarcity shows that Nigeria lacks responsive and responsible governments at all levels. Dr. Adegboyega made this declaration on Thursday in a chat in Ibadan, Nigeria.

    ''Different petrol stations are sold at different prices, some people are creating bottlenecks and benefitting from the scarcity. They have brought Nigerians hardships. We don't have responsive and responsible governments at all levels. If the government wants to increase the price of petrol, there is a way to do it. I foresee the government increasing the price of petrol. The government does not care. This may result in crises before the elections. It is a bad omen,'' he stated.