• Contentment

    Prof 1Contentment achieved through extrinsic perspective has to do with human activities in acquiring wealth to meet up with the needs in the areas of economic, environment and the kind of people that surrounds one from friends and family perspective, whose character and general attitudinal disposition aligns with one's concept of how life should be.

    When it is measured through material acquisition, achievement through legitimate means only, where elements of fraud are absent through the dignity of labor approach.

    Contentment may be inheritable from morally conscious parents, who rear their children in an environment of discipline, such people naturally exhibit these characteristics to the advantage of having the ability to cope with any standard set as value norms in the places of work to the areas outside one's home, including the foreign lands, such people will never live by complaint and they will be diligent at work, with exemplary lifestyles expected of best global practices, taking into consideration the expected ethical values to follow.

    Contentment as a value may be infectious through the polarization effect from those friends, peer groups, subordinates, or bosses at work, who might have upheld the concept of contentment or self-satisfaction around one.

    Contentment must be entrenched as a national value where leaders are expected to role model exemplary lifestyles as the general norm.

    Naturally, economic equations are not disrupted but applied to achieve maximum yield for the system because nobody will live a life of vanity and there would be no need for anybody at whatever level, he or she may find themselves, to envy others that have more, most especially those who are in positions of higher pedigree because one will realize that in the dignity of labor, your efforts or inputs must be commensurate to your earning power, even in the political setting, rivalry to usurp power or to seek for positions of leadership that do not have direct potentials of capability as may be relevant to the responsibilities of such offices will be highly minimal if not absent because people will realize the need to develop themselves to have worthy certificates that can be defended when finally one finds himself in such a position that would require expertise and some technical skills to support the mainframe of service delivery.

    Where the contentment value is absent, greed and avarice naturally build up into Timocracy which usually characterizes covetousness of power, without the wherewithal to manage it because the propelling force would become a biological interference whereby you would want to wield power around yourself mainly to have undue access to the spoils of office at the expenses of the demands of such an office to care for the people and to build the system.

    In such a situation, the arrays of scenes of poverty, hunger, diseases, and summarily a state of underdevelopment emerges.

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    Contentment as a value usually manifests at the homefront to demand parental sensitivity on their children's behavior and disposition towards material things.

    It is better cured at their Id level that is dominated by the factors of an impressionable age when one can easily remove or add garbages of interferences into the lives of these children. At the ego level of development of a child, usually dominated by the adolescent stages, the manifestation of lack of contentment easily becomes pronounced as greed or a state of insatiability.

    Lack of contentment, therefore, usually aids one into corrupt practices with a costly undertone of greed and acquisition of materials to live above one's means.

    It is, therefore, necessary for the four domains of the spheres of life-education-culture, education, religion, and politics through the National Orientation Agency to promote contentment as a must of cultural material for the society to be conscious of the need for ethical integrity to be based on the value orientation of contentment.

    This is an effective way to achieve maximally in the areas of good governance and credible leadership for the society to attain zero tolerance to corruption and sustainable national discipline since the people constitute the aggregate of many individuals who deserve to be socially responsible for the success of democratic governance to offer us a safe and secure society, tranquillity of the mind, environmental peace through the value orientation of contentment.

    Aspiration through legitimate means is the only acceptable solution to improving the contentment level.

    Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide,Wakajaiye, Ibadan, Nigeria