Community policing

  • Community Policing will work only if…….-Vice President Ezendigbo in Diaspora

    Eze 2Community policing can only be effective in Nigeria when equity and justice become entrenched in the system.

    This assertion was made by the Ezendigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state, whoa also doubles as the Vice President(South) Ezendigbo in Diaspora, Eze(Dr.)Alex Anozie.

    ‘’Community policing will work out easily if justice and equity reigns in our society. I repeat again, community policing will work out if justice and equity reigns in our society. Why I continue to hammer on justice and equity every time I comment on national issues, is because if people are happy, if Nigerians are happy, if all the ethnic groups in Nigeria are happy there won’t be anything to worry about community policing, there won’t be crisis everywhere. If justice and equity reigns there won’t be the need for community policing.’’

    Eze(Dr.)Anozie maintained that Nigerians were not happy that was why insecurity in the country was on the increase saying ‘’if the people are happy, then if they see anything bad or evil taking place anywhere, they will committedly expose the bad or evil, but when people are not happy and everyday they live in fear, they are apprehensive, bad news is the order of the day, killings, armed robbery, rape and so on, who then are you policing ? The Government still has a lot to do, that is why those elected are in government. Government should try to restore orderliness and fight crime to a standstill, then people can now start talking about community policing and everybody will show interest’’.

    ‘’When people see evil everywhere, from the Government, from the top to the bottom wrung of the ladder, nobody is happy, community policing would be difficult, because everybody is minding his or her business. When justice and equity are in place, everyone would become his or her brother’s keeper. If I see someone from another ethnic group, I would show concern. But when the system is not right everybody is on his or her own. The Goverment is encouraged to do the needful by nipping in the bud the injustice, inequity and injustice that are all over the country presently’’, Eze(Dr.) Anozie concluded.