• Return to God for Astute Management

    The home is the bedrock of community formation which extends to nation-building.

    However, the role of the parents in running the home in order to give it a strong foundation is highly crucial as this is expected to manifest in the way we rear children.

    From the physiological point of view, the custody of the child for safety and without abuse is paramount, while the growth and the development of the child equally depend on the following three parameters, namely-nutrition for a balanced diet and their regular intake for appropriate supply of adequate calories needed for upkeep.

    The second factor of importance is a function of nutrition to supply good health for enough body immunity that will not allow infiltration of disease attacks into avoidable ailments which can impair the body ailments which can impair the body from properly functioning.

    Good health condition leads to the wellness of the person that will constitute physical fitness, emotional balancing, psychological  fitness and career/financial upkeep. 

    When the home fails to provide for all these,  the Maslow's hierarchy of needs become disrupted for the product of the home to be emotionally challenged and socially disturbed. 

    Maslow opines that parents need to  rear their children through the following-physiological, social, self-esteem and self-responsibility. 

    The Holy Quran  11 : 6,  made this submission, '' There is no moving creature on earth, but its sustenance depended on Allah :  He knoweth its temporary place and its temporary deposit : All is in a clear record.''

    Prof. Sabitu Olagoke

    Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam Shafaudeen-in-Islam Worldwide,Wakajaiye, Ibadan, Nigeria