Police warn School Girls in Ghana not to give out Personal Information on Social Media

Ghana 7Girls in Senior Secondary Schools in Ghana have been warned not to share personal information on social media.

This warning was given on Wednesday by the Head of Public Relations of the Accra Regional Police Command, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Effia Tenge at at a Forum of Heads of Girls Senior High School (FOHGSHS) summer camp 2019 at Aburi Senior High School (SHS) in the Eastern Region.

Tenge noted that such personal information cuold be utilized by criminals, such as kidnappers, to perpetrate crime.

She also stated that to prevent kidnapping and related crimes, the members of the public be mindful of free rides, undue demands and gifts from strangers.

"Inform trusted people of your movements and avoid spontaneous schedule and also look out for potential threats and people who approach them in hostile environment," Tenge said.

The Polic image maker adviced the girls to ensure that their frienda are known to their parents and guardians, while warning them to avoid late night outings.

She also warned them to turn down odd job offers from people they know


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